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Why Partner with Us?

Value for Women sits at the cutting edge of gender inclusion – and its practical application in business and investment practice.

We are flexible, approachable and innovative partners on your gender-inclusion journey. With a diverse team that delivers unique gender-inclusion expertise across a variety of regions and sectors, we can offer you a truly bespoke advisory service.

Our knowledgeable and unique approach to gender inclusion helps businesses, banks and accelerators adopt gender inclusion across their strategies, theses, market analyses, supply chains, staffing, leadership, sales and distribution, product design, and overarching decision-making.

We operate at macro and micro levels, supporting each client in a unique partnership with us. We start at the 30 000-foot level to craft your gender strategy, and then delve into the details through hands-on support, collaboration and troubleshooting on specific gender actions, tools and policies.

We help our clients align with international standards. We’ve helped many clients align with the 2X Challenge (launched at the 2018 Group of Seven summit to inspire development finance institutions and international financial institutions to take concrete action on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals) so that they can derive many benefits from their business and investment efforts.

How We Support Your Business

Success is achieved through partnership. We offer advisory services that help our clients achieve greater economic and financial success through women’s inclusion. We support our clients to assess, analyze and adopt practices that facilitate gender equality and inclusion.

If you’re interested in working with us, you can read more about our three areas of service offerings, or contact us. You will find our work reflects a strong commitment to customization, practicality and finding new solutions.

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