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Investor’s Journey In Gender Lens Investing: Examples From The Field (AVV)

Investor’s Journey In Gender Lens Investing: Examples From The Field (AVV)

A returns-first investor promotes gender diversity as a core principle

Ascend Vietnam Ventures (AVV) is a venture capital firm based in Vietnam that is incorporating gender lens investing, motivated by a desire to do good investing and to prove that a gender lens makes business sense for all investors. 

AVV got started on its gender lens journey with a firm belief in, and commitment to, the value of focusing on women founders and gender-inclusive teams. Along the way, the firm has leveraged its key assets: an actively engaged and gender-aware senior leadership team, staff buy-in and experience from previous VC work, a personal awareness of the value of diversity in the team, and a growing body of internal gender data.

AVV is demonstrating that gender is a fundamental part of all investing, not just impact or gender lens investing. It offers an example for the industry on how to move forward as a finance-first and gender-aware investor. 

This case study documents AVV’s gender lens investing journey while engaged with Value for Women. It is part of a series of case studies that promote awareness and knowledge exchange of gender lens investing practices.

Key audiences for this case study include:

  1. Investors who can glean inspiration and insights from this example of an investor’s gender lens investing path, including the wins, challenges, and lessons learned; and
  2. Donors who can identify the contributions they can make to promote gender lens investing adoption in impact investing and wider investment practices.