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DOWNLOAD NOW: Latest Report on the Status of Gender Inclusion in the African Tech Ecosystem

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Intersectionality

Value for Women takes internal inclusion, diversity, equity and intersectionality (IDEI) seriously, and has established an internal IDEI working group that is committed to promoting IDEI principles within the organization.

While recognizing and valuing all team members, Value for Women is committed to centering its work on team members who represent marginalized and/or minority identities, without them having to explain, revisit or justify their experiences and perspectives.

We undertake to accept individual responsibility for countering our inherent biases and their effects, regardless of intention, and we work to center our organization’s values on equity.

We do not let our acknowledgement that human error is inevitable keep us from striving to make Value for Women the best and most fair, inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace we can. Neither do we fail to acknowledge our failures in this endeavor.

We aim to conduct our day-to-day business with each other with respect, transparency, openness to learning, knowledge sharing and pragmatism. We strive to protect our team’s privacy and their disclosures with confidentiality, and have created structures to regularly report back on our IDEI progress to the whole organization.