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Insights Issue 3: Capital – How Can We Move More Capital with a Gender Lens?

Insights Issue 3: Capital
Value for Women Insights Series: Capital

How Can We Move More Capital with a Gender Lens?

In this brief, we explore the importance of gender lens investing (GLI) for finance, entrepreneurship, and investing in emerging markets. We then look at the growth of the GLI ecosystem over the last decade and why, despite overall progress in the field, relatively little capital has moved with a gender lens. We build the case that ‘doing gender’ can be hard but it can have far-reaching benefits, including bottom-line benefits.

We conclude by offering actions available to investors and innovators to increase the volume of capital moving with a gender lens globally.

This paper draws from interviews with over 100 experts, investors, enterprises, and enterprise intermediaries – primarily in emerging markets – as well dozens of publications, countless case studies, and our own work over the last decade at Value for Women.

Value for Women
Value for Women

Value for Women is a global advisory services firm with a mission to promote women’s participation and leadership in business, finance and investment around the globe, with a focus on emerging markets.