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Rebecca Fries

A Message from Rebecca Fries, on Behalf of Value for Women's Board Members

Thank you, Giulia Corinaldi & Welcome, Richard Gomes!

Please join us in thanking Giulia Corinaldi for seven incredible years as the Chair of Value for Women's Board of Directors and in welcoming Richard Gomes as our new Chair!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for Giulia Corinaldi’s remarkable seven-year tenure as the Chair of the Board of Directors at Value for Women. We have been fortunate to work closely with Giulia since the organisation came to life, and even more so after she joined our Board in 2016. Her contributions have led to immeasurable gains for our organisation and for social inclusion globally.

Giulia's dedication, compassion and visionary outlook have been core to advancing the Value for Women’s gender and social inclusion agenda; a guiding light in our work to make inclusion everyone's business. During her tenure, our organisation has flourished and grown; we went from a team of six people in 2016 to 34 people across 15 countries in 2023, exponentially increasing our impact across continents. Giulia has inspired and motivated us all and has helped guide the way for our evolution into a globally-recognised organisation driving important change. Our impact at the global level is a testament to her strategic acumen and her forward thinking.

Throughout, Giulia fostered an environment of collaboration, respect and innovation. In particular, she has been a pillar of support to me as CEO. Not only has she lent her skills and expertise for organisational growth and success, she has also been a close mentor, guide and friend who –more times than I can count– rolled up her sleeves and 'got into the weeds' to help me and the rest of the VfW team develop key areas of our work. We’re thrilled that she will continue on as a "Special Advisor" to our Board as her tenure winds down as Chair.

Giulia: it is impossible to quantify the profound impact you have had on our organisation. On behalf of the rest of the Board of Directors and the team at Value for Women, I extend our warmest thanks and most profound appreciation for your time, energy, ideas and passion.

We're thrilled to announce Richard Gomes as Value for Women's new Board Chair!

As Giulia leaves gigantic shoes to fill, we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Richard Gomes, Chief Programme Officer at the Shell Foundation, as our new Chair! Richard has served on the Value for Women Board of Directors since 2017 and been an incredible champion of our work. He has spent countless hours offering up his ideas for growth in a deeply thoughtful manner, putting the organisation's people at the centre. Furthermore, Richard's oversight and input into Value for Women’s new Strategic Plan sets us up for an exciting future. His depth of understanding of our work and the opportunities to powerfully enhance the impact Value for Women can have in the world gel wonderfully in the new Strategic Plan, which Richard will shepherd forward with the team during his 3-year tenure. We are excited to see how Richard leads the Board and VfW team to continued achievements and success in the future.

Value for Women invites nominations for two Board seats for a 2024 start.

We are looking for stellar, proven, visionary gender inclusion leaders to join our Board, to support Value for Women to achieve our bold impact targets and mobilise significant capital towards this aim. See our call for nominating yourself or someone else here.

Rebecca Fries
Rebecca Fries

As CEO and Co-founder of Value for Women, Rebecca has spearheaded the growth of the organization into a globally recognized leader in gender-inclusive business practice. With over 20 years of global expertise, Rebecca leads Value for Women in its efforts to design innovative gender-inclusion products and methods, working hand-in-hand with investors, businesses, banks, financial institutions, development organizations, and corporate foundations.