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About Us

Value for Women is a global pioneer catalyzing women’s participation and leadership in business, finance, and investment in emerging markets.

With a decade of experience, our strength is translating gender equality, diversity, and inclusion principles into practical strategies and solutions that help leaders and institutions achieve measurable gains for equality.

Our Vision

We envision thriving economies where women, in all their diversity, reach their full potential.
Where diversity and inclusion are embraced in a way that achieves profit, healthy societies and a sustainable planet– and unleashes women’s potential to drive change.

Our Mission

We equip leaders and institutions to make tangible changes for women’s equality and toward social inclusion.
We design and deploy practical solutions and approaches that advance gender inclusion in investment, finance and business while creating value, mitigating risk and driving innovation.

Our Goals

Equipped with our new 2023-2028 Strategy, we expect to see in 5 years:

Our Goals Website 1

Know Our Board

Directors on our Board have backgrounds in a variety of fields, and share our passion for gender, inclusion and driving change through gender inclusion.

Our BoardGo to:

Meet Our Team

We are a women-led company and our growing team is diverse, multinational, multilingual, and spread over five continents. More than 80% of our implementing team is based in the emerging markets that we serve.

Collectively, we bring a powerful blend of expertise on gender, social inclusion, business, investment and finance to our engagements and partnerships.

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Our Global Team in Numbers

As a global organisation, we take pride in our majority-women team (88%) representing 11 nationalities, speaking 18 languages, based in 16 countries. Most of our team has experience living and working in multiple countries, bringing in strong, lived, local-global experiences working in diverse environments.

Of our team live in emerging markets

Of our team speak two or more languages

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Join Our Team

If furthering women’s economic inclusion is your passion, and working with a diverse team is of interest to you, visit our careers page and see if your experience in gender inclusion and related areas of specialization matches our mission.


Partner with Us

Let us know more about your organization’s challenges and ambitions, and find out how we can support you on your journey to becoming more gender inclusive.